Why I won’t celebrate International Women’s Day in 2017

I will be your party popper today.

While social media is going viral by celebrating the International Women’s Day, and the greatest pro-Israel organizations keep on sharing Golda Meir’s image with a touching quote, let me tell you something. This is just wrong.

#1 International Women’s Day was a communist celebration for workers. As I, a Hungarian, have nothing good to think of – or for the matter of fact remember – about communism, I don’t think that this day should mark my feminity.

# 2 Golda Meir was not a feminist. And while I look up to her intellectual, and as far as I am informed about her political acts, I can say, I like her. But just because someone breaks the glass ceiling, it does not mean she was a feminist.

When I was leading a women’s magazine, I made a thorough research on her. And trust me, she was a good leader, but she was not a feminist. At all. She became a good leader because she wasn’t one. She had huge issues and questions with about family and motherhood before she died. She was a womeMAN among men. But as I say, she was great, and her legacy should be spread, but not as a pioneer feminist.

#3 Rasmea Yousef Odeh (the woman in the picture) is the new face of feminism, the organizer of this year’s women’s day march. But few people know that she is a convicted terrorist who helped to assassinate two Israeli students. And while her version is different, and I am sure the truth is somewhere in-between; being mainstream can be a dangerous game.