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Beside my journey around Judaism, during the last 10 years, I’ve walked through a unique and rather diverse career path. This eventually led me to work with a select of pro-Israel organizations today as a social media and (amiti) personal branding coach. I am a firm advocate of community building over purchasing likes and will help you to find the voice that matches your organizations’ while engage your audience.

I’ve gained a strong understanding as to what, when and how to publish on social media to get the best results. I’m constantly bringing mini viral (reaching further than the number of followers) organic reach on my clients’ social media platforms by carefully crafting each post instead of letting automation take over an already over-digitalized interaction.

My clients (and some of our campaigns ) are featured in the Algemenier, The New York Times, The American Thinker, Entrepreneur, CNBC, The Times of Israel, or The Jerusalem Post.


From Anti-Semitism to Pro-Israel advocacy – that is pretty much what happened. While I never actually defined myself as Anti-Semitic, I grew up as the majority of the Eastern Europeans: filled with prejudice towards Jewish people. Today, I’m an advocate to have an open mind, to question everything we hear in the media about Israel and I’m sharing my story widely to make sure that people understand why Israel’s right to exist is not up to a UN decision but a basic human right.

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