Hi, my name is Virag and I’m an atypical Eastern European.

I was raised as a Christian in a small town in Hungary where everyone knew my grandfather; the priest in the city. And soon, everybody knew me: the grandchild who refuses to attend Sunday schools and church. 

I don’t know if there is anyone Jewish among my ancestors, and I’m not ready yet to take a genetical test, but one thing is sure: I feel Almost Jewish.

It was 2012 when I visited Israel for the first time and my life pivoted. I was dating an Israeli guy – today my long-haul partner in life – who showed me his country from Rosh Hanikra to Eilat and back. He was the first Jewish person I actually took note of. I was scared and filled with prejudice towards everything that involved Jews. 

That trip has turned my life upside-down, and since then I’m on a journey. A social & new media consultant (primarily for pro-Israel organizations) and now also a full-time graduate student of Judaism by day, I spend my nights sharing bits of my journey and discoveries.

And I hope you’ll enjoy my posts.


My aim here on AlmostJewish, is to share my journey in my – often too – honest manner.
And who is my envisioned audience?

#1 The Jewish people who would like to understand better how their culture is perceived by an external viewer; what are the incredible things your world offers and where are the question marks if someone isn’t Jewish.

#2 The Jewish and non-Jewish people who are interested in Jewish history. Because, guys, there is so much more to it than high-school Holocaust studies.

#3 The Jewish and non-Jewish people who are interested in Judaism. And while I won’t make it to rabbinical levels, I know that there are many things even Jewish people don’t know anymore about their culture, religion, and systems.

#4 The non-Jews, who are like me, and for some reason find themselves drawn into this whole complex world.

#5 The atheists who consider themselves spiritual. Because, guys, if you are spiritual, you are not an atheist. And Judaism shows you that.

#6 And finally, to the people who love Israel and for the people who hate Israel. For the former, because I know how you feel, and the for latter, because I knew how you feel.

I want to educate, entertain, and provoke. I want to make you laugh, cry, and think – and I believe, this last one is the main aim here.

One of the primary principles of Judaism is to ask questions. And those questions are answered in as many ways as many Jews you meet. This is why you see a rainbow of ‘Jewishness’ out there.

So, we have a lot to cover here, and I hope you find something valuable in every post.

@ Jerusalem