Almost Jewish

by Virag Gulyas

Elie Wiesel – NIGHT

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69 reasons why I love and support Israel

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What happens when a Christian enters a Shabbat service? Tears!

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The Homeless Who Offered Me His Food

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Israel | Travel

Let’s visit Mitzpe Ramon!

By on March 18, 2017

Mitzpe Ramon is a village in the Negev Desert, South of Israel. If you pass by the Negev, you will see how the Bedouins are living all around. The village itself counts 3-4 thousands of people and gets busy by local and foreign tourists. Why do people go to Mitzpe Ramon, a seemingly deserted village? […]

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Film Review | Israel

‘The Settlers’: And How This Documentary Fails To Bring Value

By on March 13, 2017

Originally published on The Times of Israel on 3/12/17 I’m not sure who Shimon Dotan was aiming for. He certainly couldn’t convince me. But then again, what did he try to convince me about? Let’s discuss Shimon Dotan, Romanian-Israeli filmmaker’s new movie, The Settlers. When you do a documentary film, you must have a punch line in mind. […]

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